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"I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and, from the audience response, they did, too. … I hope we have a chance to work together again soon.
You are 'good radio.'"
James J. McCusker
O.T.I.S. Communications
Bothell, Washington

"Your knowledge about manners and etiquette really made our shoot successful—not to mention your efforts to coordinate the kids and location. It was a pleasure to work with you and I appreciate all that you ‘brought to the table.’"
Rena F. Maliszewski
Hearst-Argyle Television Productions

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In today’s more relaxed and often-confusing world, etiquette and manners are hot topics. Etiquette expert, Amy Mills Tunnicliffe, is frequently interviewed about the finer points of politeness by print, radio, and television journalists.

March 12, 2000, The Boston Globe, "In polite company"
April 4/5, 1998, The Patriot Ledger, "No whining at dining"
Spring 1998, Plymouth County Business Review, "Teaching Social Skills in Today’s Boardroom"
September 22, 1997, The Los Angeles Times, "Executives head back to school to learn"
September 8, 1997, The Boston Globe, "Business Class"
September 11, 1997, The Boston Tab, "Minding your manners"
May 19-25, 1997, Mass High Tech, "A new Miss Manners for the business set"
September 25, 1997, Hingham Journal, "Hingham etiquette company refines the corporate world"
September 19, 1997, The Journal Record, Oklahoma City, "Mastering corporate etiquette helps to succeed in business"
July 1997, The Philadelphia Inquirer, "Learning to use the proper fork as a way to climb the corporate ladder"
December 16, 1997, The Patriot Ledger, "Cubicles can change office dynamics"
January 11, 1995, Hingham Journal, "Learning to be polite"
August 21/22, 1993, The Patriot Ledger, "Children learn finer points of politeness"
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July 15, 1993, Hingham Journal, "Hingham’s most polite teachers are honored"
September 8, 1993, Cohasset Mariner, "Fine manners are noted"
September 17, 1992, Hingham Mariner, "Local kids learn niceties at cotillion"
December 19, 1991, Scituate Mariner, "All about etiquette"

June 2000,, Small Business Section

Mizzou Alumni Magazine

  • June 1999, Human Resource Executive
  • July 1997, Training & Development
  • December 1997, HR Focus
  • December 1997, Association Source
  • December 1997, Men’s Health

Amy has been a guest on a number of radio shows including:

  • September 1998, WBZ Boston
  • September 19, 1997, KSER Washington, "Destination: Economics"
  • October 1997, The Pat Whitley Show

September 1998-May 1999, Healthy Kids Show

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